Average Daily Movement of Mongolian Saiga Antelope

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An average daily movement of Saiga in Mongolia is found to be 13.3km. B.Buuveibaatar & B.Chimeddorj (with the WWF-Mongolia cap) are pictured collaring a saiga antelope. Photo credit: N. Batsaikhan

Average Daily Movement of Mongolian Saiga Antelope

Mongolian Saiga individuals were fitted with satellite collars in September 2015 by specialists from WWF-Mongolia jointly with the World Conservation Society, Environmental Authority of Gobi-Altai province and rangers from the Saiga Rangers Network.

This exercise aims to identify migration routes, habitat range, collect important data to assess the vulnerability of the animal and the severity of impact of existing road infrastructure to this endangered species.

Collars were put on five female and three male saiga antelope in Mongolia. One male saiga died in Khuisiin Gobi after 25 days and another male in Shargiin Gobi, 15 days after collaring. Rangers think they were affected by bad weather or attack by predators. The collars were re-fitted to other saiga individuals.

The satellite collar is expected to provide data for one year and three months. Scientists analyzed the data for 93 days from 30 September 2015 to 3rd January 2016. Findings suggest that the saiga from Khuisiin Gobi with the code 62060790 had travelled 1240 km (an average daily distance of 13.3 km). Another saiga travelled for 16.5 km a day, slightly higher compared to other individuals, whereas the one with the code 62676340 had travelled only 7.6 km per day (the shortest distance), according to findings.

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