Featured Article

  • Saiga MoU signed at last!


  • Efforts for saiga conservation and the management of the saiga horn trade are discussed at a CITES meeting in China
  • A meeting of the Darwin and INTAS saiga project teams in Moscow
  • Participants in meetings held in Russia reiterate the urgency of action to save the saiga
  • US Fish & Wildlife Service supports Russia's saiga antelope conservation efforts
  • A new patron for saigas
  • A new documentary film about saigas is shown in Russia
  • Russian customs officers to prevent the illegal export of saiga horns to Mongolia
  • Poachers are punished
  • A new saiga conservation programme is adopted in Kazakhstan

Saigas in the News

  • Vanishing species get help on two fronts, China Daily, 31 May 2005
  • On saigas and humans, Tribuneuz, 22 August 2005
  • The "Queen of the Steppes" needs help, Kazakhstanskaya Pravda, 12 September 2005


  • The Centre for Wild Animals of the Republic of Kalmykia
  • Saiga antelopes at the Gansu Endangered Wildlife Breeding Centre, China
  • Field assessment of saiga antelopes in the Gobi-Altai

Project Round-Up

  • Econet established in Central Asia
  • "SOS-Saigal" project is underway in Kazakhstan
  • Radio-telemetry of saigas in the Northwestern Caspian region