Featured Article

  • Opening of the Visitor Centre at the Yashkul Saiga Breeding Centre


  • Establishment of the Saiga Conservation Alliance
  • Progress for CMS - meeting in Almaty in September 2006
  • Uzbekistan signed Memorandum of Understanding for conservation of saiga
  • Saiga mentioned at international conference in Rostovsky Nature Reserve
  • The competition "The Master of Steppe" held in Kalmykia
  • A prize winning film about saiga
  • Programme on saigas shown on Chinese television
  • Productive raid
  • Border guards detain poachers from Uzbekistan
  • Poachers sell saiga meat in Urgench

Saigas in the News

  • Shooting the future, Izvestiya Kalmykii, N 46, 1 February 2006
  • No antelopes near Jem, Kazakshtanskaya Pravda, N 8-89, 14 April 2006


  • A potential reserve in China for saiga restoration
  • Mongolian saiga: Results of recent WCS site visit
  • The experience of maintaining and rearing saigas in a nursery of the association "The Steppe Wild Life"
  • Development of gas deposits on Ustyurt Plateau: A new threat for saiga?

Project Round-Up

  • Project on creation of alternative sources of incomes carried out in Kalmykia
  • We must make the world better and kinder - a TNT project in Kalmykia
  • The USA helps to protect saigas in Russia
  • New Darwin initiative project in Kalmykia