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  • Cultural exchange is an inspiration to all involved

Saigas in the News

  • Saigas disappear at the turn of the century, Izvestiya Kalmykii, 24 November 2007


  • The Pleistocene range area of the Eurasian saiga (Saiga tatarica L.) in Kazakhstan
  • The current status of the saiga in Southern Balkhash region
  • Population assessment of the Mongolian saiga
  • Research on population estimates and movements of Mongolian saiga, 2006 - 2007
  • Experience of saiga satellite telemetry in the Northwest pre-Caspian region
  • Propoganda for saiga hunting in 59,000 copies

Project Round-Up

  • First round of Saiga Conservation Alliance Small Grants awarded
  • Review of Recent Saiga Publications
  • The Saiga Conservation Alliance is monitoring progress of the MoU on Saiga Conservation
  • Report on progress towards the MoU in the period July-December 2007