Featured Article

  • Russia has joined the Convention on Conservation of Migratory Species' Memorandum of Understanding on Saiga Antelope

Saigas in the News

  • Saiga antelopes and the Metonic cycle, Izvestiya Kalmykii, 29 April 2009


  • Status of Ural population of saiga in Kazakhstan
  • Saigas in Vozrozhdenie Island, Uzbekistan
  • Askania Nova, a semi-natural saiga captive breeding centre
  • Research on the potential effects of domestic dogs on Mongolian saiga in Shargyn Gobi NR, Mongolia
  • A visit to the Uzbek Ustyurt Plateau - saiga conservation in Uzbekistan
  • Using phytoliths as a non-invasive method to study saiga diet
  • Population estimation methodology for Mongolian saiga

Project Round-Up

  • Saiga activity by Imperial College London
  • Saiga conservation project supporting herder communities in Mongolia
  • The revival of traditional crafts for the conservation of the saiga in Uzbekistan


  • The Saiga Conservation Alliance monitoring progress of the MoU on saiga conservation
  • Summary report on progress towards the CMS MoU in the period November 2008 - June 2009