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  • Saiga Day goes international!


  • A workshop to launch priority actions for Kazakhstan's Saigas
  • Another saiga die-off in Western Kazakhstan province
  • Results of aerial survey counts of saigas in Kazakhstan in 2011
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Media Reports

  • Increased saiga numbers in China
  • Kazakhstan's law enforcement agencies unite to counteract poaching
  • Cases of saiga poaching


  • The Year of the Saiga Kalmykia: Key results and future challenges
  • Saiga conservation progress in the Great Lakes Basin of Western Mongolia
  • An impressive visit to the saiga rangers in the Stepnoi Reserve
  • Preliminary results of saiga monitoring in the North West pre-Caspian region in 2011
  • A trial of infra-red imaging and aerial survey for saiga counts of the Betpak Dala population
  • Saigas around Lake Baskunchak
  • A SWOT analysis of the Saiga Conservation Alliance

Saiga Heroes

  • Aslan Baideldinov, Centre for Wild Animals of the Republic of Kalmykia

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  • Updates on Saiga Conservation Alliance projects
  • New saiga publications