Featured Article

  • A retrospective assessment of the saiga antelope Saiga tatarica die-off in Western Kazakhstan 2010-2011


  • CMS COP10: Networking for Migratory Species
  • The 10th anniversary WCN conservation exhibition
  • First international saiga ecotour to Southern Russia
  • The first saiga photo safari to Altyn Dala
  • How to see a real saiga, or a trip to the Yashkul' Breeding Centre
  • A new documentary film about the saiga has been screened in the Ustyurt villages

Media Reports

  • A bilateral agreement on the conservation of the Ural saiga population is in preparation
  • The institutional structures of the Irgyz-Turgai Nature Reserve have been put in place
  • A saiga ground survey has been carried out in Kalmykia
  • "The Saga of the Saiga 2" has won a special prize at the Baikal Film Festival
  • TNT continues to support the saiga conservation programme in Kalmykia
  • Cases of saiga poaching


  • Analyzing the effects of infrastructure on migratory terrestrial mammals in Mongolia
  • Food habits and dietary overlap among livestock and saigas in Mongolia
  • Avenues for future research into the migration of the saiga antelope
  • An evaluation of potential monitoring methods in Uzbekistan
  • Building public engagement for conservation of the Ural saiga population following a mass die-off
  • The development of a national plan for saiga conservation in Russia

Saiga Heroes

  • Alexander Grigoriants, Uzbekistan

Project Round-Up

  • The 2011 SCA Small Grants competitions


  • Co-ordination of the CMS MTIWP