Featured Article

  • The taxonomy of the saiga antelope


  • Construction of a fence along the border between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
  • Mass die-off in the Betpak-Dala population
  • Results of the 2012 saiga aerial surveys in Kazakhstan
  • A new educational course for the school children of Karakalpakstan
  • Saiga Day 2012
  • Saigas as a focus of the WCS-China Program's South China Project
  • Biodiversity and the oil and gas industry
  • Ornithologists also like saigas
  • The Golden Loon will deliver saigas from trouble
  • An information campaign against the illegal saiga horn trade has been launched

Media Reports

  • Update on fence construction on the Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan border
  • Actions against the saiga horn trade by Kyzylorda police
  • Creation of watering places will help to increase saiga numbers in Kazakhstan
  • Electric fence for saiga protection
  • IFAW will help to conserve the saiga in Russia
  • Cases of saiga poaching and illegal trade


  • Survival and spatial ecology of saiga calves in Mongolia
  • Using participatory monitoring to assess saiga habitat use in the pre-Caspian region
  • Analysing environmental education on the Ustyurt Plateau
  • A network of protected areas in the Irgyz-Turgai-Zhylanshik region
  • The implications of the border fence on the Ustyurt Plateau for the saiga antelope, and options for mitigation

Saiga Heroes

  • Arkady A. Sludsky, Kazakhstan