Featured Article

  • Using embroidery to address saiga poaching in the Ustyurt Plateau


  • The fight against poaching
  • Working life in the Stepnoi Nature Reserve
  • Saiga: A true life story for a movie
  • Mass media campaign for awareness raising in Kazakhstan
  • Saigas come to the big screen
  • A new literary and artistic ecological project implemented in Uzbekistan
  • Preventing the trans-boundary trade in saiga derivatives in Mongolia and China

Media Reports

  • Signing of the Russia-Kazakhstan agreement on the Volga-Ural saiga population
  • Saiga hunting prohibited in Kalmykia
  • A new Kazakhstan nature reserve promises to become a second Serengeti
  • UNDP works to conserve saigas in Russia


  • Saiga collaring for research and conservation in Ustyurt
  • Remote and in-situ analyses of the potential causes of saiga antelope die-offs in Western Kazakhstan
  • Ancient techniques for hunting saigas in Ustyurt: the remains of arrans


  • The 2012 SCA Small Grants competition
  • CMS Saiga MoU technical meeting & SCA Annual General Meeting

Saiga Heroes

  • B. Batsaikhan, Mongolia