Featured Article

  • Steppe Wildlife Clubs: from an initiative to results


  • A conference on saiga conservation is held in Astana
  • Results of the 2013 aerial survey in Kazakhstan
  • Saiga Day 2013: Saiga Day is celebrated in Uzbekistan, A festival for saigas in Kalmykia, Saiga Day in Kazakhstan

Media Reports

  • Another saiga mortality event in September 2013
  • Huge consignment of saiga horns seized in China
  • Captive breeding of saigas as a measure for stabilising natural populations
  • Using camera traps in Uzbekistan
  • The fundamentals of eco-education as exemplified by Steppe Wildlife Clubs


  • "A border incident" in the Stepnoi Nature Reserve; on whose land are saigas born?
  • Analysis of data from saiga monitoring in Uzbekistan 2006-2012
  • Saiga monitoring in the Irgyz-Turgai State Nature Reserve, Kazakhstan
  • Using participatory monitoring to assess the status of the pre-Caspian saiga population
  • The level of illegal hunting for rare ungulate species on the Ustyurt Plateau in Uzbekistan

Saiga Heroes

  • Anatoty Khludnev, Russia


  • The Saiga Resource Centre is launched!