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T. Karimova, A. Lushchekina ( ) Features of the spatial distribution and ethological structure of the saiga population on the territory of the Stepnoy reserve (Astrakhan region) (pdf)
K. Karenina, A. Gilev ( ) Asymmetry of social behavior: left eye - right hemisphere (pdf)
V. Minoranskii, V. Dankov ( ) Saiga tatarica L. Russia’s endangered species (pdf)
K. Karenina, A. Gilev, J. Ingram, V. Rowntree, Y. Malashichev ( ) Lateralization of mother–infant interactions in a diverse range of mammal species (pdf)
K. Karenina, A. Gilev ( ) Why do steppes need artesians (pdf)
E.I. Naumova, G.K. Zharova, T.Yu. Chistova, A. Lushchekina ( ) Transformation of Food Lignocellulose Compounds in the Digestive Tract of Saiga tatarica: Functional and Comparative Aspects (pdf)
K. Larionov, R. Dzapova, S. Rosenfeld, B. Abaturov ( ) Feeding of saigas (saiga tatarica) on pastures of the black lands of Kalmykia under conditions of regenerative vegetation change and steppe formation (pdf)
I. Sheremetyev, S. Rosenfeld, T. Sipko ( ) Meta-analysis of a trophic spectrum of large herbivores of North Asia in the aspect of change of dominant consumers of vegetation (pdf)
V. Rozhnov, A. Yachmenikova, D. V. Dobrynin ( ) On Possibility to Identify the Saiga Antelope (Saiga tatarica) on Veryhigh Resolution Satellite Images (pdf)
S. Bogun ( ) State of the saiga population in the "Black Lands" Reserve: problems and prospects for its conservation (pdf)