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A.J. McConville ( ) Modelling the biases in aerial survey techniques of the saiga antelope (Saiga tartarica) in Kazakhstan - Andrew-John McConville, MSc Thesis (pdf)
Brown ( ) Exploring a Sustainable Trophy Hunting Model for Saiga Antelope of the Betpak Dala Population of Kazakhstan - Brown, MSc Thesis (pdf)
C. Samuel ( ) Evaluating the success of a Public Engagement Project for the Conservation of the Ural Saiga population in Kazakhstan - Carlyn Samuel, MSc Thesis (pdf)
E. Whitebread ( ) Evaluating the potential for participatory monitoring of saiga antelope by local villagers in Kalmykia, Russia - Elisabeth Whitebread, MSc Thesis (pdf)
G. Elliott ( ) Mapping the Spring and Winter Distribution of Kalmykia's Saiga Population - Graham Elliott, MSc Thesis (pdf)
H. Chilton ( ) The Where and Why of Saiga Antelope Distribution in West Kazakhstan, MSc Thesis (pdf)
B. Abaturov, R. Dzapova ( ) Forage Availability to Saigas (Saiga tatarica) and Their State on Steppe Pastures with a Different Ratio of Graminoid Plants and Forbs (pdf)
C. Howe ( ) The Role of Education as a Tool for Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Development - Caroline Howe PhD thesis (pdf)
S. Offord ( ) An Evaluation of Potential Monitoring Strategies for Saiga Antelopes on the Ustyurt Plateau - Suzanne Offord, MSc thesis (pdf)
S. Elliot ( ) Teenage Dreams: Can Adolescent Aspirations be Used to Inform New Conservation Initiatives in Kazakhstan? - Sophie Elliot, MSc Thesis (pdf)