An Energy Free Day

An Energy Free Day

This activity is designed to get students to think about not using non-renewable resources for one day.


Imagine that your whole family (or community if you prefer) chooses to do without any form of energy produced from non-renewable resources for one day.

(No-one must use electricity, gas, petrol or batteries.)

Planning Your Energy Free Day

1. Think of all the things YOU do on a normal weekday such as:

  • wake up
  • have a shower
  • eat breakfast
  • travel to school
  • activities at school
  • jobs at home
  • food preparation
  • homework
  • leisure activities (especially in the evening)
  • communicating with people

2. How will your actions have to change if you cannot use electricity and other forms of energy?

  • Plan what you will do.
  • How will the energy-free day affect the rest of your family?
  • Share your ideas with your family and other students in your class.

3. Write an Energy-free Action Day Plan for your family (or community).

  • How do you FEEL about the changes that would be necessary? Would it require major changes in your lifestyle?
  • Put a star next to any changes that your family would find really difficult.
  • Put a flower next to the actions that your family would feel quite happy about giving up or changing.

4. Talk to people of the older generation in your family or community.

  • How do they feel about the changes that have happened in energy use since they were children?
  • Which energy uses do they feel have been of most benefit to our society?

5. Write a short report on your findings.