Saiga and its neighbours

saiga and its neighbours

The book is a short introduction to the life of the steppes of Russia and their inhabitants, the focus is on the nature of the North-Western Caspian region. The main characters of the publication are saiga, jerboas, steppe eagle, little bustard, and other animals and birds.
The book is structured in such a way as to offer children and their mentors - parents and teachers - the means and approaches for familiarizing themselves with nature and animals, which they can then apply on their own: learn to see the life of animals, distinguish its events with the help of animal studies (for example, the work of an outstanding artist-naturalist V.M.Smirin); look for answers to "steppe puzzles" and come up with similar tasks on their own.
The book is intended for family reading and use at school, children's art houses. The approaches developed in it can be relevant for teachers, tutors of additional education, employees of environmental education departments, everyone who loves and cares about nature.