A Local Development Investigation

A Local Development Investigation

These activities encourage students to consider the impacts of development and explore the concept of sustainable development.


Discuss as a group how we can balance the needs of local people with the needs of our environment.

Activity 1: Community Development

List the benefits a new development in your village will bring to the local community.

Does it bring any disadvantages to:

  • People?
  • Wildlife?
  • The environment?

Activity 2: Habitat Development

Imagine a world where development activities did not consider the needs of wildlife or the environment.

  • What would that world look like?

Activity 3: Sustainable Development

Draw a poster, write a story or write a poem about the planet Earth in 150 years time.

  • Has development been sustainable between now and then in your fantasy future world?
  • Have people considered or ignored the needs of wildlife or the environment?
  • What impact has this had on how people live?