A message of hope for saigas

A message of hope for saigas

Our friends at Nautilus Magazine have created a beautiful short film about the challenges of saiga conservation in recent years.

The film sets the scene, helping us understand why saigas are in the critical position they are currently in.

Saiga Vid 4

It then brings us up to date, reporting on the results into months of research into what caused the tragic loss of over 220,000 saigas over 13 different populations in Kazakhstan in 2015.


Saiga Vid 6


But don't be disheartened, our very own Olga Esipova (one of the first winners of our Young Conservation Leaders awards), offers us hope, telling us about the incredible work she, and other conservationists are carrying out with the Saiga Conservation Alliance in their countries.

Watch the clip here 

The film is accompanied by an interesting blog written by Steffen Zuther, a scientist working for our colleagues at the ACBK in Kazakhstan.