Updates to the Saiga Resource Centre

Updates to the Saiga Resource Centre

Thanks to our expert team, the Saiga Resource Centre has recently undergone some improvements.

Announcement published in Saiga News Issue 20 on page 28.

Searches can now be made in the Literature, Pictures and Video sections. Visitors can search literature by author, subject and year and can search pictures by photographer and subject. We have also included a useful new 'mass die-off' search option in both sections.

We have added a lot of new content, including beautiful photographs of saigas taken by Andrey Gilev and Karina Karenina, who visited the Stepnoi Sanctuary in Russia earlier this year ( see their article). Check the newsfeed for regular updates on scientific news and project information, which you can access from either the Home page or Background section.

If you have ever read an interesting article in Saiga News, but cannot remember which issue it was in, you will be pleased to hear that we have added a useful tool which allows users of the English and Russian sites to view the highlights of each issue at a glance. The same function on the Chinese and Kazakh sites will follow soon. If you need to find a 'saiga expert', we have also added several new names to the Specialist Resources section. Please let us know if you would like to be added to this valuable section.

Further scheduled development work for 2016 includes:

  • picture and video descriptions
  • CMS content updates

In the future, if we get more funding, we aim to provide an archive for saiga-related GIS data and a CITES page.
If you have any resources such as papers, educational materials, literature, photos etc. which you would like to share with the saiga community, Alyona Chukhatina would love to hear from you.

Our thanks go to the following people for their enthusiasm, expertise and support in carrying out these updates: Abi Salmon, Alyona Chukhatina, and Steve Morgan from Siempre Solutions Ltd. Thanks also to Guihong Zhang for his help with Chinese translation and to Alyona for help with the Russian translation of the site.