What Happens to Rubbish Produced at Home?

What Happens to Rubbish Produced at Home?

This activity encourages students to think about recycling and ways of reducing waste.


Waste disposal is an issue around the world.


1. Work individually to complete the table below. Some examples have been provided for you.

Type of waste

What do I do with it?

Other uses of this product

Weekly rubbish 



Glass jars and bottles 



Scrap metal e.g. old fan, cooker, fridge



Garden wastes eg. leaves, rotting fruit…



Food scraped off plates 



Cardboard boxes, old newspapers 



Kitchen wastes e.g. vegetable peelings and soft fruit



Plastic bottles



Plastic bags















2. Now work in small groups to compare your answers.

3. Share ideas with others to see if there are better ways of dealing with our rubbish.

Discussion and Follow-Up

How can rubbish be reduced and better re-used and recycled in the area where you live? Produce a poster to better explain to adults in your village how they can reduce the amount of waste in their homes.

Teachers Note

You can add other locally appropriate waste sources and remove some that do not apply to make the activity more locally appropriate.