What is a Saiga?

Click on the sections below to learn more about the critically endangered saiga antelope and what makes it unique.

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About Saigas

Provides a background to the critically endangered saiga antelope, its history, biology and geographical range.

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Conservation Status

Indicates the status of the saiga antelope in the wild and gives an overview of the risks it faces in the near future.

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Saiga MoU

The CMS MoU on saiga conservation provides a prioritised set of actions to guide conservation of the saiga antelope.

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Progress towards MoU

Follow the activities and projects that contribute to the implementation of the CMS MoU and Action Plan on saiga antelope conservation.

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The Saiga Resource Centre is maintained by a network of researchers and conservationists involved in the conservation of the saiga antelope.

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Saiga Heroes

People who have made a significant contribution to saiga conservation.