This series of education activities aims to give teachers and conservation practitioners some thought provoking and fun activities for children. Activities include games, class and home based tasks, group work and short projects.

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ustyurt animals
Steppe animals of Ustuyrt Plateau

This poster shows steppe animals and plants you may see on the Ustyurt Plateau.

kz toolkit
Saiga Day toolkit KZ

These are educational materials which could be used for Saiga Day celebrations. Materials are in Kazakh language.

Saiga Activity sheet from Unboxals

This activity sheet created by Unboxals will allow you to learn something new about saigas and to explore saiga's neighbours.

coloring sheet
Saiga Coloring sheets
Julius Csotonyi
our saiga
Saiga book for kids (Russian language)
Colouring sheets endangered species

These coloring sheets with endangered species from Conservation Optimism will help you check what have you learned from Conservation Optimism posters and have fun coloring them!

posters collage
Conservation Optimism Endangered Speices Posters
Saiga: Spirit of the Steppe Teaching Guide
Saiga: Spirit of the Steppe Teaching Guide
San Diego Zoo Global

This teaching guide and education booklet was created by San Diego Zoo Global for use by schools and wildlife clubs to teach students about the saiga antelope.

What Animal Am I ?
What Animal Am I ?

What features define an animal? Do we associate particular characteristics with a species or a group of species?

Saiga Day
Saiga Day

Saiga Day was celebrated simultaneously in three countries - Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kalmykia (the Russian Federation) for the first time in 2011.