Strengthening Local Capacity to Lead Evidence-Based Conservation of Saiga in Their Native Habitats in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan

In partnership with Fauna and Flora. 

The purpose of this project is to address poaching and trafficking of saiga antelope by protecting and conserving saiga populations in their native habitats in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Project objectives

Specific activities of this four-year grant include:

  1. analysis of drivers of saiga poaching, including identification of knowledge gaps andpriority research need
  2. training on collecting and analyzing sensitive data related to poaching behaviours
  3. field research to improve understanding of what enables poaching
  4. training for research teams in data analysis and scientific paper writing
  5. development of situational crime prevention recommendations for three saiga populations
  6. review of patrolling data and development of practical recommendations for law enforcement agencies to improve data collection, analysis procedures, and broader adaptive management
  7. development and implementation of ranger training modules on community engagement
  8. provision of targeted field supplies to improve efficacy and safety of six patrol teams
  9. capacity development of local non-governmental organization and government agency staff to secure and manage grant funding to strengthen locally-led saiga conservation activities
  10. mentorship on organizational development and resilience for a key national conservation organization in Kazakhstan (Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan)
  11. support for professional development opportunities for seven emerging conservation leaders from across the saiga range, with priority given to women, ethnic minorities, and individuals from saiga landscapes