Saiga Day

Saiga Day

Saiga Day was celebrated simultaneously in three countries - Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kalmykia (the Russian Federation) for the first time in 2011.

Saiga Day was discussed and planned in 2010 at a meeting for the exchange of ideas and best practice held in Uralsk, part of the SOS Saiga! project funded by the People's Trust for Endangered Species and the SOS Fund (see article in Saiga News, Issue 12).

Aimed at raising awareness of saiga conservation among the upcoming generation, Saiga Day has been co-organized with local schools in Uzbekistan since 2008, and features art, drama, sports and more.

In 2011 Saiga Day crossed international borders and was celebrated simultaneously in villages in the saiga antelope's range in Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.


Each of the participating schools celebrates Saiga Day in its own way. Saiga related activities have included:

  • sports events
  • quizzes (biological and conservation questions)
  • songs, dances and plays about saigas and other wildlife written by children and teachers

Make this Saiga Day celebration a day to remember!

Not only is Saiga Day an effective way of raising awareness amongst children and their communities, but it has proved to be a popular and successful means of involving these communities in saiga conservation.

Our vision is for a global Saiga Day celebrating the saiga antelope and all biodiversity.

Please contact us if you wish to hold your own Saiga Day. We would love to hear from you.