Saving Energy At Home

Saving Energy At Home

How do your students use energy in their homes?


This activity encourages students to carry out investigations at home, and then report back to the group. 


1. What energy sources are used (or could be used) to give LIGHT in your home? Try to name at least five.

2. Which energy source do you think gives the BEST light?

3. How do you HEAT WATER in your home?

4. What do you use hot water for in your home?

5. What energy source do you use to COOK FOOD in your home?

6. How many ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES do you have in your home? (make a list)

Discussion and Follow-Up

Ask students to work in small groups and discuss ways to save energy at home.

Examples could be:

  • switching off a light when leaving a room
  • having a shower instead of a bath