Quantifying species recovery and conservation success to develop an IUCN Green List of Species

Akçakaya, H.R.
Bennett, E.L.
Brooks, T.M.
Grace, M.K.
Heath, A.
Hedges, S.

Abstract: Stopping declines in biodiversity is critically important, but it is only a first step toward achieving more ambitious conservation goals. The absence of an objective and practical definition of species recovery that is applicable across taxonomic groups leads to inconsistent targets in recovery plans and frustrates reporting and maximization of conservation impact. We devised a framework for comprehensively assessing species recovery and conservation success. We propose a definition of a fully recovered species that emphasizes viability, ecological functionality, and representation; and use counterfactual approaches to quantify degree of recovery. This allowed us to calculate a set of 4 conservation metrics that demonstrate impacts of conservation.

Akçakaya, H.R., Bennett, E.L., Brooks, T.M., Grace, M.K., Heath, A., Hedges, S., Hilton‐Taylor, C., Hoffmann, M., Keith, D.A., Long, B., Mallon, D.P., Meijaard, E., Milner‐Gulland, E., Rodrigues, A.S., Rodriguez, J.P., Stephenson, P., Stuart, S.N. and Young, R.P. (2018)