Young Conservation Leaders 2019 - 2


Kuandak Aikumys:

“My project is devoted to disseminating information on saiga conservation among both local residents and tourists who often come to our village to see saigas.

To do this, we will make handout informational materials, as well as embroider products that can then be sold. This will also allow us to take the work of our steppe club to a new level – in particular, to make good costumes for our theater plays about saiga.

Also in the plans of the project is conducting a summer camp.

The nearest plans are as follows:

1. Conducting a presentation at school in order to familiarize club members, students, teachers and local people with the goals and objectives of the project. The appeal of the residents of the village of Karasu for the successful implementation of the project.

2. Purchase of necessary equipment, materials for embroidery. Making a themed corner of the club “Friends of the saiga”.

3. Organization of the activities of the embroidery workshop. Search for local masters in embroidery and agree on the date and time of the workshop.

4. Organization and conduct of the marathon in the territory of the ecological park “Altai Sai”.

5. Organization and conducting by members of the club a theater play “Saiga Enemies”.

Project outcomes

You can see results of the project here, here, and here