Saiga tatarica L. Russia’s endangered species

V. Minoranskii
V. Dankov

Aim. The saiga antelope (Saiga tatarica L.) is the last hoofed mammal surviving in the Russian steppe
which is on the verge of extinction today. The aim of this article is to assess the current state of the saiga in Russia, determine the causes of the reduction in its population and area and to develop recommendations for the conservation of this species.

Methods. The material, presented in the paper, is the result of the analysis of the available literature
sources on the Saiga, personal observations on the animals in the period of 1959-2015 in nature and various
nurseries, including the Center for rare animals of European steppes founded in 2004. Results. The article highlights the issues of population dynamics in Saiga distributions in the last century, the reasons for the reduction in its amount, the measures taken for the protection of this species and its present condition. We consider specific measures for Saiga conservation in the modern world. We also take into account the experience of the Association "Wildlife of the Steppe", where they have developed the biotechnology of breeding Saiga in nurseries, zoos and farms. And for many years this association has been home for self-reproducing groupings of this animal. Main conclusions.
Currently, Saiga antelope in Russia is an endangered species, and conservation requires the state and
public to take serious urgent measures to protect and restore the population, including breeding in artificial conditions and release into the wild.