Saiga News - Issue 18, Summer 2014

Featured article - Barriers as a threat to saiga migration in Kazakhstan. Author: Steffen Zuther, ACBK.

Featured Article

  • Barriers as a threat to saiga migration in Kazakhstan


  • Veterinary workshops conducted in Kazakhstan
  • Support for protected areas in the range of the Betpak-Dala
  • A story about a children's game that changes the world
  • Saiga Day 2014
  • Mongolian saiga poacher sentenced
  • Update on the Saiga Resource Centre

Media Reports

  • The Stepnoi Reserve offers a protected 'maternity ward' for saigas
  • Saiga population in Kazakhstan increases by a third
  • Illegal saiga hunting in Kazakhstan linked to organized crime
  • Detection dogs deployed to help in the search for smuggled saiga horns
  • A saiga postage stamp has been issued in Uzbekistan


  • Drawn together - the people and wildlife of Uzbekistan
  • The traditional medicine market for saiga products in China
  • Release of saiga males into the wild during the rutting period in Astrakhan province
  • Ancient hunting constructions on the Ustyurt Plateau

Saiga Heroes

  • Yuri Grachev, Kazakhstan


  • Young Conservation Leader Awards 2014
  • SCA Excellence in Saiga Protection Award, in memory of SCA donor and friend Joy Covey