Saiga News - Issue 19, Summer 2015

Featured article - Catastrophe and hope for saigas in 2015. Author: E.J. Milner-Gulland, Saiga Conservation Alliance.

Featured Article

  • Catastrophe and hope for saiga conservation in 2015


  • Saiga migratory routes in Kazakhstan are taken under protection
  • Public information helps to reduce illegal wildlife hunting in Mongolia
  • The steppe without the saiga is like Kalmyk tea without milk
  • Saiga competition in Kazakhstan attracts over 2,000 children
  • The day of migratory animals is one more reason to become closer to nature
  • Kalmykia pays tribute to the memory of Uldis Knakis
  • Difficult times at the Centre for Wild Animals of the Republic of Kalmykia

Media Reports

  • Saiga listed in the Red Data Book of Kalmykia
  • Saiga deaths in Kazakhstan


  • Saiga monitoring within the Stepnoi sanctuary, Astrakhan Region, reveals a substantial decline in saiga numbers over the last ten years
  • Population abundance and factors affecting the distribution of the saiga antelope in Western Mongolia
  • Participatory monitoring of saiga distributions and poaching in Ustyurt, Uzbekistan
  • Usability of high-resolution satellite images for saiga monitoring
  • Tracking saiga horns to their population of origin using stable isotopes
  • Investigating the illegal consumption of the pre-Caspian saiga population
  • Factors affecting intention to volunteer to conserve the Ural saiga population

Saiga Heroes

  • Albert Salemgareev, Kazakhstan