Saiga News Issue 26 - Winter 2020/2021

Featured Article

The sustainable use of saiga antelopes: Perspectives and prospects


The population of Mongolian saigas has increased

Camel-herders’ participation in Mongolian saiga conservation

Mongolian students have fenced 5 springs in cooperation with herders

Rutting aggregations monitored in three saiga populations in Kazakhstan

Results of monitoring calving saigas in the Ustyurt population in 2020

Rutting aggregations monitored in three saiga populations in Kazakhstan

Eight dogs from the Kazakh Border Service taught to search for saiga horns

Proof obtained of individual saigas coming into Uzbekistan from Kazakhstan

Works of Art by Russian Steppe Wildlife Club members

Russian steppe clubs celebrating World Wildlife Day

COVID-19 did not cancel Saiga Day in 2020


An Innovative Approach to Estimating Saiga Numbers in the North-Western pre-Caspian area

The Saigachy Reserve: saigas return to Uzbekistan

The Saigachy Reserve in Uzbekistan as a case study of the introduction of a fauna and flora monitoring system

Approaches to studying sensory laterality in saigas: experiments in the wild

On the genetic potential for resistance of the saiga population in the NorthWest pre-Caspian area to helminths and other parasites

New publications

Biological Features of the Northwest Pre-Caspian Saiga Population at Different Sizes. Arid Ecosystems 10, 298—304 (2020)

Duplex PCR-based molecular sex determination of Saiga tatarica. Conservation Science and Practice, 12(1), 21-23. 2020

Strategic advertising of online news articles as an intervention to influence wildlife product consumers. Conservation Science and Practice, 2(10), 272. 2020

Saiga heroes

Enkhtuvshin (Enkhee) Shiilegdamba

In memoriam

Amankul Bekenov