Saiga News Issue 27 - Winter 2021/2022


New International Conservation Actions Agreed for Saiga Antelopes


Mongolian saiga numbers increase to 8,500

Young herders — conservation messengers

Results of the 2021 saiga aerial survey in Kazakhstan

Results of the 2021 saiga calving survey in Kazakhstan

Eternal Wanderers on show in the State Darwin Museum

‘Vozrozhdeniye’ Rescue Rangers!

Steppe News — Everyday Life of Stepnoy Reserve

Report from Saiga Day 2021: Kazakhstan

Report from Saiga Day 2021: Russia

Report from Saiga Day 2021: Uzbekistan


Modern satellite technologies to study the spatial distribution of saigas in the north-west pre-Caspian Sea region

Wildlife health interventions to prevent further disease outbreaks among Critically Endangered Mongolian Saigas

Saiga as a priority for the federal project ‘Conservation of biological diversity and development of ecological tourism’

Saiga in Lake Elton Biosphere Reserve and adjacent areas of the Trans-Volga region in Volgograd Province

Saiga Heroes

Wildlife photographer Evgeny Polonsky: I photograph to let more people know about the saiga and its habitats

New Publications

Building an ecologically founded disease risk prioritisation framework for migratory wildlife species based on contact with livestock.

Visual lateralization in artiodactyls: A brief summary of research and new evidence on saiga antelope.

A systematic survey of online trade: trade in Saiga antelope horn on Russian-language websites.

Molecular epidemiology of peste des petits ruminants virus emergence in critically endangered Mongolian saiga antelope and other wild ungulates.

Outbreak of Peste des Petits Ruminants among Critically Endangered Mongolian Saiga and Other Wild Ungulates, Mongolia, 2016–2017.

Features of Fodder Vegetation as a Possible Cause of Saiga Die-Offs on Steppe Pastures.

Product attributes affecting the substitutability of saiga horn drinks among young adult consumers in Singapore.

Identifying relationships between multiscale social–ecological factors to explore ungulate health in a Western Kazakhstan rangeland.


SCA award winners 2021

In Memoriam

An irreparable loss — Anton Mezhnev (Oct. 22, 1963 – Jan. 8, 2021)