Saiga News Issue 28 - Winter 2022/2023


The Government of Kazakhstan on the way to sustainable use of saiga


Catalyzing support for species threatened by wildlife trafficking

Mongolian saiga population hits 13,925

Surveillance for highly contagious animal diseases within saiga range

Eco-club members have started monitoring natural springs

Local parliament has decided to establish 32,098 hectares of saiga range along the Zavkhan River as a Local Protected Area

Saiga numbers in Kazakhstan continue to grow

Saiga calving in Kazakhstan in 2022

Excursion to Alty-Sai Ecopark and Centre for Re-introduction of Wild Ungulates in Kazakhstan

Saiga Day celebrated in three rural schools in saiga habitats in Kazakhstan

300 students and 7 steppe clubs celebrated Saiga Day in Russia

Two Types of Wildlife Crossing Point on the A380 in the Ustyurt Plateau

Building towards saiga conservation alongside economic development

Public lecture on on the importance of the saiga in providing ecosystem services

‘Saigas as a bridge between the past and the future’ was the theme of Saiga Day 2022 in Uzbekistan


Saigas are returning to the Russian Trans-Volga region

Images from camera traps taken in 2020-–2021 used to analyse biodiversity and monitor the saiga population in the Stepnoi Reserve, Astrakhan province, Russia

Two new protected areas to conserve saigas in Kazakhstan

Will a new national park help preserve the isolated Aral saiga population?

The current state of saiga habitats in the North-Western pre-Caspian region

Geoinformation mapping of fire-damaged areas in saiga habitat in the North-Western pre-Caspian area of Russia

Saiga Heroes

Carlyn Samuel: I love working in saiga conservation

New Publications

Genetic diversity of the endangered Mongolian saiga antelope Saiga tatarica mongolica (Artiodactyla: Bovidae) provides insights into conservation

Predictors of the Behavioral Intention to Participate in Saiga Antelope Conservation among Chinese Young Residents

The trade of Saiga Antelope horn for traditional medicine in Thailand

Evaluating a large-scale online behaviour change intervention aimed at wildlife product consumers in Singapore

Temporal and spatial differentiation of Pleistocene and recent Saiga deduced from morphometric analyses of cranial remains

Save Tuba: A Gamified App for Children to Explore Environmental Issues and Develop Sustainable Behaviors

Факторы, лимитирующие численность степной антилопы (Saiga tatarica) Волго-Уральской популяции

Saiga Populations of Russia and Kazakhstan: Current Status and Retrospective Analysis of Some Biological Parameters

Ungulates of the Arid Ecosystems from the Red Data Book of the Russian Federation

The Past and Present of Saiga in Russia: Is There a Future?


Saiga Conservation Alliance Awards Programme returns in 2023