Main achievements: Right across the saiga's range we are in continual contact with local government, enforcement and rangers to provide advice, training and support where we can. For example in Uzbekistan we recently held three workshops for rangers and customs officials, held an awareness campaign and produced supporting literature about the illegal wildlife trade.

umber of workshops – 3 (2 in Nukus and 1 in Tashkent)

2 follow up presentations ~200 customs people and ~200 border guards

Number of people trained - 80

Number of posters printed and handed out -1000 in two languages

Number of anti-poaching leaflets printed and handed out - 300 in two languages

Number of customs manuals printed and handed out - 1000 in two languages

Number of products identified and trained on - 20 products and derivatives (identified)

20 real wildlife trade cases discussed and trained on


Project objectives

To support the State Committee for Ecology and Wildlife Protection in improvng their ability to control illegal hunting and trade of saiga and other wildlife products.