Reduce Saiga Illegal Trade in Guangzhou, China

Project person name
Mingxia Zhang
Start date
01 October 2011
End date
30 September 2012
Project Organisation
Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) China Program
Project Funder
Saiga Conservation Alliance
Wildlife Conservation and Management Department of Guangdong Provincial State Forestry Administration.

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) China Program started conducting market monitoring and surveys in key TCM markets, as well as outreach and education campaigns in Guangzhou to reduce the illegal trade in these products since 2009. During past two years, WCS has done comprehensive work in the largest local TCM market of 2000 stores, we totally found 241 within them are selling saiga and other illegal wildlife products.

Project objectives

To reduce the illegal saiga trade and consumption in Guangzhou, China, through market surveillance, coordinate government authorities’ enforcement according to the intelligence, and collaborative education program with Chinese government.

Project activities

1. Conduct market monitoring in Guangzhou TCM Market. 2. monitoring report will be submitted to the enforcement authorities. 3. cooperate with local wildlife conservation office for education in the TCM market, such as distribution of posters.

Project outcomes

1. understand the trade status of saiga horn in Guangzhou’s TCM wholesale markets. 2. Submit monitoring report to Law enforcement department and facilitate one direct intervention when appropriate. 3. design and print poster and distribute it in the Market.

Project targets

Reduce the illegal saiga trade and consumption in Guangzhou, China.