Young Conservation Leaders 2019-1


Aibat Muzbay:

“My research is focused on water resources and existing peasant agricultures on the habitat of Ustyurt saiga antelope population. The farm is an area which mostly situated on the habitat of wildlife. Information about the location of peasant agricultures and water wells is very important for future wildlife management. Research of peasant agricultures includes a collection of data about the composition of livestock in each peasant agriculture, vegetation and location. Research of water wells is an assessment of existing active and non-active artesians and the need to build new wells. Both researches include the saiga monitoring and assessment of saiga presence in the research area.

First phase of my project is devoted to analyzing the historical and current range of Ustyurt saiga population and determination of project territory; identification of existing water resources and peasant agriculture; monitoring of saiga antelope on the territory model territoryю

During the second part of the project will be prepared the map of saiga antelope range with existing water resources and peasant agriculture. There will be prepared recommendation on restoring of non-active artesians and assessment of areas for building a camp for rangers”.

Here you can find the announcement about winning YCL 2019.

Project outcomes

The final report on the project can be found here.