Young Conservation Leaders 2021 - 1


Dilnaz Malikova:

Due to world pandemic pupils over the world are facing with the difficulties of study, but I would like to use this situation to increase their knowledge about critically endangered antelope of Kazakh steppe. Saiga Conservation Alliance gave me a great chance to implement my idea on development of online course for pupil about the importance of saiga conservation.

During SCA award my work will be focused on creation of online course for pupil, that includes information about the saiga number, habitat, limiting factors, migration ways and biology which will be presented as in a very interesting way for kids. Accordingly, my work is aimed to awareness rising and promotion of educational programs for pupil of Karaganda oblast and Kazakhstan. I plan to create the course in Russian language as most of saiga countries (Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan) are speak Russian in fluent. With the support of SCA team I can expand my project scope to other countries and the impact can become more sensible. Unfortunately, my work is not able to give short-term results on saiga conservation or actions on combating against poachers, but educational programs for kids are very important actions to prevent future poaching activities, fundamental knowledge about the saiga antelope for future decision makers and create better environment for saiga antelope. I think that during the project I can create an important product to promote saiga conservation among the children with the possible influence of children on parents for more action to conserve wildlife.