Saiga News 29 - Winter 2023/2024


“Conservation triumph”: Saiga antelope reclassified from Critically Endangered to Near Threatened on IUCN Red List



Join us at the CMS Meeting in Samarkand

Peter Damerell: Launching 5 years of collaborative work on the saiga horn trade

Priyanka Suri: Building networks and sharing expertise across six projects addressing the trade in saiga horn

Introducing Waleri Schmunk


Alyona Krivosheyeva: Saiga numbers in Kazakhstan approaching 2 million

Stephanie Ward: Altyn Dala — a model of restoration


Buyanaa Chimeddorj: Updates from the WWF-Mongolia team


Elena Bykova & Robert Willard: Schoolchildren from remote villages of Uzbekistan in search of an environmental paradise


Aibat Muzbay et al: An increase in the Ural saiga population and its impact on agriculture — observations during the calving period 2023

Viatcheslav Rozhnov et al: Remote and artificial intelligence methods to estimate the saiga population in north-western Caspian Sea area and how animals use the area 

Nadezda Kashinina et al: Genetic diversity of the saiga Saiga tatarica tatarica population in the North-Western pre-Caspian region based on polymorphism of neutral and functionally significant markers

E.J. Milner-Gulland: An expert mission to Kazakhstan

Stefan Michel et al: Take them or leave them in the steppe? Potentials of use of saiga horn from natural mortality

Karina Karenina et al: Seasonal patterns of waterhole and salt lick use by saiga antelopes in the north-western pre-Caspian

Joseph Bull et al: Changing threats for the saiga antelope on Resurrection Island

Cai Xiaotong: Reducing Demand for saiga horn in Singapore and Japan: an ongoing behaviour change intervention project

Zebo Isakova et al: Ecotourism as formation of understanding about the environment

Saiga Heroes

Ilya Smelyansky, Russia