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V. Rozhnov, A. Lushchekina, A. Yachmenikova, D. V. Dobrynin ( ) How to calculate saiga from space (pdf)
( ) Saiga management at zoos and breeding centres: making effective use of the lessons learned for the restoration of wild saiga populations (pdf)
R. Kock ( ) Standard Operating Procedures for detecting and reacting to incidents of health risks for and die-offs in Saiga antelopes and other wildlife in Kazakhstan , Стандартные операционные процедуры по обнаружению и реагированию на случаи возникновения рисков для здоровья и падежа сайгаков в Казахстане (pdf)
Akçakaya, H.R., Bennett, E.L., Brooks, T.M., Grace, M.K., Heath, A., Hedges, S. ( ) Quantifying species recovery and conservation success to develop an IUCN Green List of Species, (pdf)
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Richard A. Kock, Mukhit Orynbayev, Sarah Robinson, Steffen Zuther, Navinder J. Singh, Wendy Beauvais, Eric R. Morgan, Aslan Kerimbayev, Sergei Khomenko, Henny M. Martineau, Rashida Rystaeva, Zamira Omarova, Sara Wolfs, Florent Hawotte, Julien Radoux , E.J. Milner-Gulland ( ) Saigas on the brink: Multidisciplinary analysis of the factors influencing mass mortality events, (pdf)
Enkhtuvshin Shiilegdamba ( ) Reflections on the CITES decision about the international saiga trade: is it a positive move?, Reflections on the CITES decision about the international saiga trade: is it a positive move?,…
Steffen Zuther ( ) The 2019 aerial survey reveals significant growth in all of Kazakhstan’s saiga populations,…
B. Chimeddorj, B. Gantulga, A. E. Fine, E. Enkhtuvshin, B. Buuveibaatar ( ) An update on the estimated population size of the Mongolian saiga,…
D. V. Dobrynin, O. V. Sukhova ( ) Use of drones to estimate saiga numbers in the north-west pre-Caspian Sea area,…