This series of education activities aims to give teachers and conservation practitioners some thought provoking and fun activities for children. Activities include games, class and home based tasks, group work and short projects.

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For Teachers
Teaching Aids
Learning Activities
Master class book by your own hands
Saiga adventures
Drawing and coloring saiga
Smartmob "Youth for saigas"
Saigas of my motherland
By the little saiga path
Saiga relic antelope

The brochure prepared by IFAW in Russian and containing all the basic information about the saiga. Perfect for the first acquaintance with the saiga, for preparing short messages and reports about it.

Saiga and its neighbours
Oleksenko A.I.
Oreshina A.B.
Saiga Activity sheet from Unboxals

This activity sheet created by Unboxals will allow you to learn something new about saigas and to explore saiga's neighbours.

coloring sheet
Saiga Coloring sheets
Julius Csotonyi