Action Plan

The CMS Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) together with the associated Action Plan provides a road map to guide the implementation of conservation action for the saiga antelope in the range states and in those countries which import saiga produce, such as the species' horns. The Action Plan has been drafted in consideration of biological, economic and social research, as well as practical information provided by a range of stakeholders. Activities focus on the following objectives:

  • Improved monitoring of the status of individual populations, including participatory monitoring with local people
  • Application of the same recommended monitoring methodology throughout range states
  • Assessment of species' distribution, spatial and temporal variation in breeding pastures and migratory routes
  • Reduction and control of saiga poaching
  • Creation of alternative livelihood options in rural villages that depend on poaching for income and employment; creation of incentives for conservation at local level
  • Awareness raising (regional, national and international levels)
  • Improvement of the protected area network, focussing on birth and rutting areas and including transboundary protection area
  • Application of captive breeding where appropriate; knowledge transfer on techniques
  • Reduction and control of illegal trade in saiga produce; compliance with CITES provisions
  • Assessment of long-term conservation solutions, including sustainable use if populations have recovered to a level that would allow for such use

Activities that contribute to the implementation of the CMS MoU and Action Plan are collected and communicated to stakeholders and interested individuals through Saiga News, a bi-annual newsletter of the Saiga Conservation Alliance, which is published in six languages.