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coloring book
Coloring book: Wildlife of Uzbekistan: Karakalpakstan (Deserts and Semi-deserts)
Neil Miles
Evelina Grigoryants
Dinara Adylova
Public lecture about ecosystems
Saiga - spirit of the steppe

This teaching guide and corresponding booklet were created for use by the Steppe Wildlife Clubs in Uzbekistan. Knowing that there are a wide range of ages that participate in the clubs, the materials have been designed to facilitate the older students helping to instruct those that are younger. The older students will be referred to as “mentors” and the teachers will be referred to as “instructors.” The booklet and activities, with the help of the instructors and mentors, will be used to encourage learning and thoughtful discussion about saiga and what can be done to help their species. The guide follows the booklet page by page, with suggested topics of discussion as well as ideas as to when to incorporate activities.

Saiga - a wonderful creation of nature

The training manual "Saiga - a wonderful creation of nature" in Russian is intended for additional environmental education in primary school.
The main objective of the manual is to educate careful and sensitivity to nature in the younger generation, increasing level of knowledge and interest in the study of key species of flora and fauna steppe ecosystem of the Ustyurt plateau.
The main character of this manual is the saiga. This unique animal being on the verge of extinction requires special attention and protection in the places of its a habitat.
Information on the biology of a rare endangered saiga is presented in an accessible and engaging way. It offers thematic tasks and developmental exercises for children encouraging them to self-knowledge and group work.

The manual consists of two parts - manual for teachers and manual for the student. All parts can be downloaded here. 

Biodiversity Hospital

Who is it for?                 

11- 14 year olds

How long will it take?    

Either 1 double lesson; or 2 single, one-hour lessons (with homework activity).

Learning outcomes:      

Students will learn the importance of biodiversity and species conservation, the fine balance of the ecosystem and how to measure competing priorities.

What do you need?

Teachers’ notes

Staff training quiz questions

The Patient Board file

Internet access (unless setting the research as a homework activity)

Sticky labels to create name badges

Pens and paper to take notes

Sticky tack

All materials can be downloaded below

ustyurt animals
Steppe animals of Ustuyrt Plateau

This poster shows steppe animals and plants you may see on the Ustyurt Plateau.

kz toolkit
Saiga Day toolkit KZ

These are educational materials which could be used for Saiga Day celebrations. Materials are in Kazakh language.

Master class book by your own hands
Saiga adventures
Drawing and coloring saiga