Reducing demand for saiga horn in Japan and Singapore

Japan and Singapore

In partnership with Chancellor Masters and Scholars of the University of Oxford.

The purpose of this project is to reduce the threat of poaching and trafficking to saiga antelope by addressing
evidence gaps related to consumer behavior and drivers of consumption in two key saiga horn consumer countries (Japan and Singapore) and reducing consumption through behavior change interventions.

Project objectives

Specific activities of this four-year grant include:

  1. collection of updated consumer data in Singapore to understand the potential impact of COVID-19 on the demand for saiga horn products,
  2. characterization of motivations and profile of saiga horn consumers in Japan, as well as the socio-cultural context where consumption takes place,
  3. segmentation of saiga horn consumers in Japan and prioritization of potential target audiences for interventions
  4. co-design of behavior change interventions in collaboration with priority saiga horn consumers in Japan and Singapore
  5. implementation and subsequent evaluation of behavior change interventions.