Taking Stock: Establishing an Effective Saiga Horn Stockpile Management System in Malaysia.


In partnership with TRAFFIC International.

The purpose of this project is to prevent illegal and unregulated trade of saiga antelope horn by institutionalising a transparent and robust saiga horn stockpile management system in a key consumer country (Malaysia).

Project objectives

Specific activities of this three-year grant include:

  1. development of a joint project implementation plan with the Department of Wildlife and National Parks of Peninsular Malaysia (DWNP)
  2. review of Peninsular Malaysia’s current saiga horn stockpile management processes and resources
  3. workshop to establish the process for a scoping exercise to assess trader-held saiga horn stockpiles
  4. assessment of the distribution and quantities of existing saiga horn stockpiles held by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) traders in four Peninsular Malaysia states as well as government-held stockpiles
  5. review of stockpile management best practices in China, a key saiga horn consumer and trading country, including information sharing meetings between relevant government authorities in China and Malaysia
  6. establishment of an electronic database for saiga stockpiles and clear Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  7. training for DWNP on effective stockpile management
  8. dissemination of project outcomes amongst relevant stakeholders
  9. saiga horn trade monitoring to detect illegal practices and verify the utility of introduced stockpile management systems