Alexander Esipov
Position: Independent expert
Country: Uzbekistan
Olga Esipova
Position: Research & Development officer
Organisation: Saiga Conservation Alliance
Country: Uzbekistan
Population: Ustyurt
Category of Involvement: Individual expert
Yuri Grachev
Position: Leading scientist in the Laboratory of Mammalogy
Organisation: Institute of Zoology, Kazakhstan
Country: Kazakhstan
Guihong Zhang
Position: Senior officer
Organisation: The British Embassy in China
Country: China
Population: All/international
Category of Involvement: Representative of other organisation or interest group
Paul Hotham
Position: Director Eurasia Programme
Organisation: Fauna & Flora International
Country: Other
Population: Ustyurt
Category of Involvement: CMS MOU participating organisation contact point
Zhigang Jiang
Position: Independent expert
Country: China