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E.J. Milner-Gulland, R. Kock, M Orynbayev, S. Robinson, Steffen Zuther, Sergei Khomenko, Wendy Beauvais, E. Morgan, Aslan Kerimbayev, Henny M. Martineau, Z Omarova, Rashida Rystaeva, N.J. Singh, S. Wolfs, Julien Radoux ( ) Saigas on the brink: Multidisciplinary analysis of the factors influencing mass mortality events, scienceorg (pdf)
E.J. Milner-Gulland, Hughes, P, E. Bykova, B. Buuveibaatar, B. Chimeddorj, Anna Lushchekina, von Meibom, S., , T. Karimova, Albert SALEMGAREYEV , Steffen Zuther ( ) The sustainable use of saiga antelopes: Perspectives and prospects (pdf)
Steffen Zuther, Albert SALEMGAREYEV ( ) Mapping out a future for ungulate migrations, Science, Read it here
K. Karenina, A. Gilev, J. Ingram, V. Rowntree, Y. Malashichev ( ) Lateralization of mother–infant interactions in a diverse range of mammal species (pdf)
V. Rozhnov, A. Lushchekina, A. Yachmenikova, D. V. Dobrynin ( ) How to calculate saiga from space (pdf)